“Rebecca Byrd is an exceptional attorney who came highly recommended and should not be underestimated.  From the moment she took my child custody case, she led me through unfamiliar territory and took charge.  She left no doubt I had chosen the right attorney.  She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, organized and she provided insight and kept me informed about the case.  Rebecca Byrd is an advocate for her client, she is a winner and she won the case for us.  I will forever be grateful to Rebecca Byrd for winning the case and giving me the right to see my children.

Thank you Rebecca Byrd.”


“Our family cannot say enough about Ms. Byrd and her staff at Byrd & Church law offices. Her experience and expertise in family law and knowledge of the court system gave us a peace of mind during a very difficult and stressful time for custody of our grandson. Ms. Byrd and her staff were always professional and considerate and always kept us abreast of current situations and what to be prepared for. Simply put, Ms. Byrd was brilliant.”

-Kevin & Lisa Brown

“Whoever heard of a silver lining behind a divorce? Well, I can very safely assume that anyone using your firm’s services will be more than impressed at the impeccable care and follow through put forth by each and every one of your staff. Your personnel returned my calls in a better than timely manner always. I never had questions unanswered from the law end to even your accounts payable department. Recently, I’ve been asked if I could recommend a good attorney. I said “no, but I can recommend a great attorney. Rebecca Byrd & Associates, hands down.”

-Suzi McGruder

“Rebecca and her staff personify honesty and professional competence in the field of family law.”

– Tim Cooper

“Rebecca Byrd & Associates efficiently, effectively and compassionately helped me at a time when the legal process of divorce seemed extremely slow and difficult.”

– Ron Rossmann

“Rebecca aggressively protected my interests and expertly represented me in my divorce. Her expertise in mediation and litigation left me confident in her representation. She was available to me and attentive to my concerns throughout the process.”


“Wrestling with the tough decision to call an attorney was the hardest part of the divorce process. once I talked to Rebecca, I knew that she had the savvy and tenacity to navigate through the labyrinth of legal decisions that would arise. When talking with Rebecca,she always made me feel as if my case were the most important one. her ability to recall specific details and facts were reassuring during meetings and court proceedings. I believe Rebecca has a true compassion for her clients. While she was very professional, she also made me feel very comfortable and that she cared. I have already recommended her to several people and will continue to do so.”

-Joy Johns

“Rebecca Byrd represented me in a post-divorce matter where my ex-husband was seeking an increase in child support. She provided me with the finest legal representation and I was thrilled with the outcome at trial. I can’t say enough about the dedication and support I received from her and her staff. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone going through a divorce or post divorce issues.”

-Linda Breznay

“Going through a divorce was something that I never planned to do and it was more complicated because children were involved. Finding the right attorney to represent me was of paramount importance. My situation was even more complex because I was a male that wanted to be the resident parent for my two girls. I spent several weeks looking for the right attorney and although it first looked like I made the right choice, I soon found that I needed a better firm to represent me. I searched again and was finally lead to Byrd, Spitz & Church. I asked the other professionals about Byrd and one former attorney said, “yes I know Rebecca; I lost badly to her in court.” Rebecca has a very capable staff lead by her office manager Janice Clevenger. With all the various motions and filings, I found my case in very competent hands. One of the best things for me was that Rebecca always answered any of my questions and always returned my calls in a timely manner. If she was busy in court or helping other clients get through a crisis, Janice would get any issue I might have resolved. I would highly recommend Rebecca’s firm to anyone contemplating a divorce or needing additional council. I am the proud residential parent of my two beautiful girls thanks to Rebecca Byrd. It is not easy for a man to be the residential parent, but Rebecca helped me achieve my goal. I remain in contact with her and she has counseled me through a couple of other family situations. She is there when you need her.”

-Ira Baxter

“I heartily recommend Rebecca Byrd and her team at Byrd & Associates for anyone needing the services of a domestic law attorney. While working through the complexities of divorce law can be a challenge, Rebecca, Janice and Teresa helped me immensely every step of the way. Any questions that I had about the process, no matter how simple or complex, were answered quickly and clearly. Rebecca and the team worked hard to ensure that I was completely and totally prepared for every step of my case, whether it be discovery, depositions, mediation, or my eventual trial. This meant that I was able to make calm and considered decisions about my case.

It may not always be obvious, but the process of divorce is full of emotional “ups and downs” even for a man involved. The team at Byrd & Associates is compassionate and does everything it can do to support you. Simply put, I am so very thankful that Rebecca, Janice and Teresa were on my side.”

-Michael Todd